Sunday, June 12, 2011

b is for Bob, 6 months old!

It's been a hard task trying to concentrate at the end of the day. The baby goes to bed around 7:00 pm which is when I finally get my down time or "me" time as they say. But really this time is a joke, as I am barely able to keep my eyes open let alone begin to write my thoughts during what feels like the wee hours of the night. I realize this sounds ridiculous, however, as the newest member of the morning-person club getting up at 6:00 am and having a productive day doesn't leave much room for intellectual stimulation. Give me a mindless TV show about vampires and I'm happy, really happy.

With that being said during this past month there have been a lot of changes, most notably that I've returned to work for three days a week. The time leading up to my return was very hard for me - thinking about missing him, worried if I picked the right sitter, anxious about how our new schedule would work out - but mostly just mourning the fact that this special time in my life was coming to an end. For almost 6 months I have had a hand in every thing that he has done, wanted or needed. I'm not saying this because I have a need for world domination, it's more that I realized once this "power" was being taken away from me how scarey it is to trust everybody else with your child. And to take it a step further, it made me realize for the first time that one day (much sooner than I realize) he will be stepping out into the world on his own. Watching him so closely during these past months has made me reflect upon the number of growing pains we experience as children, teenagers and adults. I guess I was hoping that for a moment longer, this moment...he wouldn't have to be released into any of that. Elias wakes up every day with a wide grin and cooing noises. Simply happy, just happy that we're there to kiss him and feed him (hungry boy!). He hasn't experienced any fighting or bullying or broken hearts. He doesn't carry any emotional scars or broken dreams. His being is innocence. I know I can't shelter him from life (as much as it pains me to think about what he'll go through one day) because it is my duty as a parent to enable him to become a well rounded, emotionally equipped adult. My point is that having a baby and being with that baby for so many months creates a bond like no other. He will always be my son and the time will go on and on....but nothing will ever compare to being home with your newborn and watching them grow and change before your eyes. I am so so so grateful that I had almost 6 months to marinate in his baby-ness!! It has been the hardest and most rewarding experience all wrapped into one.

A little about Elias: he continues to be a social, flirty, chatty little boy! He is the happiest when there are people around and lots to do. He's a great traveler and because he's very laid back also adaptable to new situations. He really loves music! If you sing to him or put on a song he's totally interested and usually with a big grin. He loves Day-O by Harry Belafonte and Boom-Boom-Boom by the Black Eyed Peas! Interesting choices I know. He still a routine kind of fella almost down to the mark. He's not very patient when he's hungry or his diaper is dirty - and he fights sleep because he refuses to miss a beat! He is on mark with rolling over (still spotty with rolling back) and almost sitting up on his own. He is very BIG for his age - no surprise there - coming in at 19 pounds and 28 inches!! YIKES, which is why he has been in 12 month clothing for some time now! Speaking of size, he is a very good eater and so far hasn't been picky about any fruit, veggie or cereal put in his mouth. He's still a drooling machine - but today we noticed a raised bump and cutting tooth on the bottom...could it be?! Let's hope for some relief.

And so, without further is Elias's six month (half a year!!!) photo shoot! I think he was embodying the spirit of Bob Marley (B is for Bob) because he was chill-laxing in all these shots. Yeah Mom, no problem!

His hair is getting blonder and blonder!

And his eyes are getting brighter and brighter (heart breaker, I think so)

Big daddy hands (I mean a total replica in shape and everything)

The same is true for his feet!

Big boy!

Then daddy came in and his typical daddy-grin appears! He loves the silliest games with Mo such as, throw the pillow at my face - ha. Look at the happiness.

And last but not least, there's no such thing as a photo shoot without Ringo! This dog loves the camera and gets jealous. Luckily for us he loves the baby...and the baby loves him too :)

That's all for now folks! It might be another month until I return but I do try! Next month we're going on a family car-camping trip up to Wellesley Island State Park. When I grew up my family had a camp on TI Park and I spent almost every summer there. It was a dream...I understand that more now than ever!! Both Mo and I want Elias to experience "the River" as much as possible as it's such a special place to us both. Plus, the 4th of July is my favorite holiday so I'm really looking forward to it and making Elias an official "River Rat".