Sunday, July 17, 2011

uh oh

Ohhh where to begin!? Waiting a whole month to get back to this blog just makes it that much harder to sum up the happenings of life. How does one come to a summation about a period of time that is packed so tight? I don't think it can be done. What I can say is that this month has certainly gone faster than the rest. Getting back into the work routine has gotten me back in touch with "real time" such as knowing what day of the week it is, getting excited about the weekends again and the anxious feeling of a "school night". And it's for damn sure that getting out of the door in the morning isn't what it used to be. Life is definitely simpler when you just have yourself to take care of! But it hasn't all been bad. Going back to work has provided a bit of a balance with personal time vs. mama time. I know Elias has really enjoyed daycare and the social interaction. Plus, the every other day routine is a good break for us both. He smiles at my sitter every time I drop him off - and that small gesture makes it that easier to leave him. I've thought a lot this month about how I'm beginning to truly understand when people have said to me, "they grow so fast". I mean, I get it. Just seven months ago he was this helpless, sleeping, cooing blob of a human and now he's sitting up and saying "uh oh!". Especially in the morning when he wakes up at some early hour - that's when we get the most "uh oh's".

Speaking of that, what do kisses, "uh oh's" and Hercules have in common? The answer is pretty obvious, Elias of course! Let me explain. The first thing Elias learned how to do (at around 3-4 months) was give big open-mouth drool kisses. The first word that he learned how to say (just recently) was "uh oh!". And as for Hercules, the little girls at daycare hand out nicknames and due to both his size and strength they decided Hercules was a good fit! So the question is - what kind of trouble are we in for one day?! A very handsome fella who gives kisses, says "uh oh" and the ladies think of as Hercules...oh man! As for his personality he's kind of an odd mix of easy going and high energy. He's generally a happy guy, is easy with new situations and hasn't shown signs of being scared of much - but boy can he go! I have a feeling walking is going to be a tiresome journey for us all. He's still a good eater and clocking in yesterday at 20 pounds, 2 oz. I think we're in for it. He also is waving "hi" on occasion and is enjoying putting things into his mouth. In summation, a good ol' strapping baby boy!

I found this online...funny!

And so, it's picture time. Here are a few from our camping trip over the 4th of July weekend up at Wellesley Island State Park. I kept saying "Ohh, I should go get my camera" and then I just didn't. I decided I would capture the moment privately - that and I was too relaxed to move ;) On the whole, we SOOOOOO enjoyed our time together!! It was the first getaway as a family and very much needed. In the last six months alone Mo has taken 24 credits...I mean that's pretty much insane and has ruled our lives! On our trip we brought no books, no laptops and no powered up phones. For a few days we rotated in and out of the river, melted into the blanket on the grass, cooked all of our meals on an open fire and just let a meditative state take us over. For anybody that has spent time on the St. Lawrence River, they know what I mean. It might be something mystical in the air - I don't know - but meditative, mystical and magical are definitely words to describe it. And so, here it goes:

Our campsite, pretty close to the river. Mo would never imagine he'd enjoy car camping so much - but put a fire pit in front of him and the pyromaniac in him is happy!

Look at my handsome boys :)

Elias enjoying Daddy's fire!

Our first sunset, I found the mo-jo to go get the camera.

After a morning of swimming I put Elias in his official 4th t-shirt, this is the only picture I got of him in it. He SLEPT like a rock our whole trip - Ringo too!

And finally, while the sky was lit with fire crackers (and after a few cocktails from the vodka Mo brought back from Poland) we took the customary sparkler shot. It was fun.

ahhhh....wish we could go back! And now, here are Elias's SEVEN month photo shoot pics! Notice the tooth!! We got one finally!

My little ham...look at him! He just laid there and smiled once the camera came out!

Sitting up pretty well on his own now.

Here's the tooth!

He's much more interested in toys now and is showing more dexterity.


...and it's in the mouth...

And finally, Elias's attempt at crawling has included a face-planted downward facing dog yoga pose! It's pretty funny to see.

And that's it. Thanks for joining me again :)