Monday, March 21, 2011

three little birds, a picture story

***press play on the Bob Marley icon to get the true feeling of being in Jamaica***

In honor of our 6 year wedding anniversary (and the fact that I have a blog of my very own) I've decided to post a picture story of our special day. We decided that a destination wedding was what we wanted and (believe it or not) the most cost effective. We packed our bags and headed off to the Sandals resort in Negril, Jamaica. It was everything that Mo and I wanted out of a wedding: no problems!! The resort was beautiful and always lined with fresh pineapple and rum :) It seemed as if Bob Marley's Three Little Birds was playing almost on repeat throughout the resort - which made for believing that every little 'ting was gonna be alright. All in all, there wasn't a lot of formality or even a lot of people (though the family and friends that came were soooo amazing) but in the end it's what we wanted...

Also, I must immediately pay gratitude for the amazing photography to our totally talented friends Ben Julian and Amy Karle. Without their artistic eye, enthusiasm and kick-butt camera our day would have not been the same! (you can click on all the pics to make them bigger)

Ben & Amy

And so here we go! The whole crew once we all arrived!

There wasn't anything to "rehearse" so we all went out for a Hibachi dinner the night before.

On the day of the wedding we spent time hanging on the beach and sailing in the waters....

And a friendly game of big-size chess (one of Mo's favorites) even though my Dad kicked his butt!

...then it all began.............................................................

Mo and the Minister

Dad, giving me away (or so they say)

Saying our vows

Exchanging our rings

Becoming husband and wife!

Making it official

Cutting the cake

Jamaican toast!

My pretty bridesmaids

Our "after" pictures

Moving into the evening with a buffet on the beach and a steel drum band!

And finishing up with an outrageous fire dance by Amy! What a surprise!

It was all so beautiful...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

coming full circle

Every year around this time (the end of March) I begin to carry around this angst-y feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don't know if it's the serious beating one takes during the dark cold winter, low vitamin D levels or the feeling of a "year in review" (as my birthday approaches) but without fail there is this feeling of heaviness that presents itself. I begin to think about what happened last year at this time and how things have changed since then. Was this year what I expected it to be? Did I do the things I was planning to do? Am I happy? The feeling of needing to come full circle is palpable. And though there is this bit of sadness that I have to tease out - there is also this excitement that things will be new again. Like the seasons change from winter to spring, I believe that each year around our birthday's the universe kicks up a little dust and asks us to spend some time in reflection. I'm not going to sit here and unearth everything that my reflection has brought to the surface - but I will share that turning 30 by far was one of the best things that happened to me! It's just not that Elias was brought into my life, it was the change that came with becoming a parent and growing a family of my own. The best I can describe it is like a hand that fits perfectly into a glove. Honestly, I don't know what Mo and I were waiting for! In addition, I believe that finally deciding to pursue a graduate degree in a career that I've been destined for since handing out advice in the school yard - but most importantly allowing myself to go after what I see as my calling - is also like a perfectly fitting glove (possibly for the other hand). And yet somehow these "perfect" fits leave me full of questions and worries. So here I am now...trying to figure out how to put these two hands together. Maybe that's what turning 31 will be about?!?

OK, enough of the deep thoughts by Jack Handy. I know why your here and it's not my random hippie-like ramblings! It's for my so-damn-cute-he-should-be-the-next-Gerber-baby :) So without further distraction, here are some pictures from the month in review!!

First, we traveled to Pennsylvania so that the Hereba's could meet there newest member! I would like to entitle these photos: happily hereba, literally....ummm talk about genetics! Not only was everybody so happy to meet Elias, it was a happy time to spend soaking in our Egyptian roots. All I have to say is this: there's a reason that it was the Egyptians that built the pyramids.

Here is Sherif, Mo, Ahmed, Elias and Jobair

...and now here's Jay...constantly competing with Mo as he grows taller and taller!

For another lession in Elias's heritage...we didn't quite make it downtown for the legendary Syracuse St. Patrick's Day parade (aka booze and green beads) but we did have a really fun afternoon in the great and slowly warming outdoors! Ringo was soooooo happy to be back in front of the camera! What a pose! However, we didn't take any pictures at Grandpa's today but we were wearing green and eating corn beef and cabbage in true spirit.

Lucky me! Not only am I Irish but I have a good looking group of boys in tow!

And finally, in photo-happy tradition I'd like to document the THREE MONTHS mark! Not only is he smiling more often and finding his sense of humor - he's also spending a lot of time being very chatty!! Apparently he's got a lot to say and I'm anxiously awaiting to know what that is. Also, he recently found his hands which he couldn't stop looking at.

Imagine how cool it is to discover your own hands...

His eyes are getting so blue!

And finally...Mr. Big & Hungry couldn't take the camera anymore and decided to eat his fingers!