Wednesday, January 26, 2011

gluten free baby?!

Almost two years ago (this April) after an exploratory journey through the medical system I decided it would be in the best interest for my health to become gluten free. I suffered for a long time with various symptoms and finally after finding a very wise nutritionist, having the will to give the whole lifestyle a chance, and becoming a googling-medical-junkie: I can truly say I found the thorn in my side. I am not allergic per say or a diagnosed Celiac (where your intestinal walls disintegrate when you eat it) you would call me gluten-intolerant. My body and immune system become severely inflammed when I ingest gluten which then creates a domino effect of uncomfortable symptoms and long-term internal damages. The short term effects pretty much go like this; enjoy the doughy goodness of something like fresh Italian bread, get a migraine that lasts 3-5 days, bloat about 3-5 pounds, have your sinus's swell and feel stuffy, hang out in the bathroom for awhile (and awhile more) and then feel so incredible sleepy you'd consider that you have a chronic fatigue syndrome for a week! It's just no way to live and quite frankly it's depressing. Needless to say it's still one of the hardest things that I do on a daily basis - my options are not "I'm hungry, I want to eat" it goes more along the lines of "I'm hungry, what CAN I eat." The amazing thing I've learned from all of this is that we take eating for granted. I'm sure that's why there's such a problem with health and obesity in this country, we don't have to think about it. It's the machine that we feed ourselves with: being the fastest, easiest and tastiest item that crosses our path. In fact, our food quite literally has become part of machine (see the movie Food, Inc. for further investigation). Anyways, I could go on forever about these things and it's my blog so I could...but I'll stop here.

So back to the title, gluten free baby?! I was recently asked (in a semi-judgmental tone) if I was planning on "making" Elias eat gluten free. I hadn't really thought about it, nor had I thought it was deserving of judgment! Don't all parents "make" their kids eat what they think is good for them anyways? What's wrong with raising a child with limited access to gluten? And I'm pretty sure he's been gluten free for 9 months so what's the problem? So anyways, the answer is yes! Saturday mornings we will be making gluten free pancakes, when I make a gravy I'll be using sweet rice flour and when Christmas comes and we will make cookies as a family, experimenting with all types of flours, making old recipes in a new way. The moral of the story being that in this house we cook gluten free and we're more interested in everybody being able to eat than keeping with the norm. And if by chance Elias asks for a good ol' fashion PB&J on regular bread with the crusts cut off - he can have that too! Because really I've never understood more than I do now that old cliche: there's no manual that comes with parenting! As a parent (still kinda weird to say) we make decisions based on what we think is right at the time and hope for the best. So here's to a kinda, mostly, gluten free baby!

And speaking of the kitchen, here's some pics from yesterday - funny faces in the kitchen!

just baby!

happy faces

sad faces

very scary faces!

sweet faces..

NOTE: I must make a note about the dark circles under Mo's eyes! He was up for over a week until 5 am writing papers for an insane mid-semester course! The GOOD NEWS: he was offered an awesome internship this summer at a big accounting firm downtown!! We're very proud and excited for him to graduate this December!

2nd NOTE: I really like this blog about being, eating and going gluten free - it really helped me a lot! Check it out if you're interested.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

just be-ing, one month

The meaning of time has a different definition depending on what phase of life you are in. My true concept of time began during my college years when I first became responsible for managing my own affairs. College time was measured by semesters, dining hall hours and 3 a.m. bed times. My concept of the world was measured in 15 week increments and how much fun I could get away with (work hard and party harder being the motto). Soon there after came the smack-in-the-face reality of the working world. Alarm clocks before sun rise, coffee as a mandatory additive and the hum-drum of recycling through dress pants that were always wrinkled because I was too lazy to iron them. Monday through Friday, work then dinner then dishes: wash, rinse, repeat. OK don't get me wrong life before this Mom thing also had some fun gin & tonics on the weekends as well ;) Needless to say for the last month my definition of time has become newly defined. For the most part I have no concept of what day it is. I'm not patiently waiting for the weekend to arrive or dreading Monday morning creeping up on me. Right now I am on baby-time and that's all about eating, sleeping and being cared for completely (around the clock, every three hours - phew!). Babies have no time, they just are...they just "be" if you will. And since I'm around for this ride I can honestly say that this "be"-ing: sitting, marinating and soaking in a lack of Monday through Friday is such a beautiful breath of fresh air! Unfortunately, once May comes I won't be able to enjoy such luxury, however, in the meanwhile I'll try to enjoy each second.

So anyways, speaking of baby-time I surprise myself by saying that Elias is now one month old! I never before understood why new mothers feel the urge to announce each month that their child is older until of course it was mine...I guess you have to walk in those shoes to get it.

Mama and baby time...

Just be-ing...

...and yes the quilt is embroidered with the name Elijah Andrew (a gift) we think it's funny and still picture worthy! Ringo likes it too.

And of course happy one month glamor shots! Nice camo pants :)