Sunday, August 14, 2011

ready, set, go!

When they say that everything happens at once, they're not kidding! So far this summer has been a blur of both obligations and fun times, and needless to say not a whole lot of rest for the weary. Both Mo and I have been wishing for just a moment where there didn't seem like a clock or calender event didn't rule our lives. At times we've even discussed just falling off the grid for awhile and you know the saying: "live off love" :) And yes, I realize that's not realistic at all - but I do know that there are a lot of people out there that both think and live out of the box and I'm not opposed to flirting with those ideas now and again. As for reality, we both are feeling the pangs of starting another semester in a few weeks. Mo is lined up to finally GRADUATE this December (yeahhhh!) and myself to continue on with my graduate degree which I'm about 1/4 of the way through. I've been feeling a lot of things about going back to school (after my 8 month baby hiatus) but the thing that sticks out the most to me are the feelings of conflict. I am torn in two directions that are paved with "mother's guilt" and the other with "self satisfaction". I get the feeling that becoming a parent constantly challenges those two sides no matter what the choice or circumstance. Part of me feels sickened with the idea that Elias will have to be at daycare more hours a week so I can meet my obligations in school, while the other part of me feels excitement to continue on. It's like an internal Jekyll and Hyde conversation that makes one side hurt while the other feels pleasure. Honestly, it sucks! I'm haunted with the idea that "he'll never be this young again" while also feeling like I've waited long enough to be in a career I have a passion for...guess we'll just have to take it one step at a time and see what happens. Really what it comes down to is that both of us have a lot of potential that hasn't been tapped into and we owe it to ourselves, our son and our growing family to meet that's just not an easy juggle in the process.

As for little Hercules, well he's certainly living up to his name! As my babysitter eloquently put it today: "he's an 8 month old trapped in a one year old's body!". Which basically means that he's so big and strong for his age that he often gets frustrated with the things he can't do (because of balance, dexterity, practice) that he's certainly BIG enough to walking! Just yesterday I had to put his 12 month clothes away in a bin. He's wearing 18 month clothes now! But honestly, this month alone has marked the biggest changes and growth in Elias. It's almost on a daily basis that he's doing something new or exciting. Honestly, it's really scarey because he's changing and maturing at such a lightening speed I'm starting to feel like my little baby is slowly disappearing and in his place is this little ready-to-be toddler. It's so much fun to have the interaction and comprehension grow between us. I can only imagine what is to come! So anyways, since there's been so many new things that he's done lately it seemed best to document them. Here are a few pictures as evidence that my baby is growing up too fast!

Last month we had "uh oh" which now is his favorite word! Mostly mumbled in the early morning hours and when he takes a poop while sitting in his car seat or walker (smart kid). He will mimic you if you say "uh uh uh uh ohhh..." Which I have to admit is pretty cool because it's like were communicating in Morris code or something. Anyways, after "uh oh" has been YEAH!! I find that he claps his hands "yeahh!" most often when I'm changing his diaper (again smart kid, yeahh for not being in a wet diaper). Here are a few pics :)

Yeahhh! You can also see the bottom TWO teeth now - we got another one!

Next, he apparently is taking notes at daycare because he's shown an interest in holding his own bottle and knowing what a sippy cup is!

He's definitely moving and scooting around. Each day his crawling becomes more graceful - and the fact of the matter is that he now officially can get from A to B. Eeeek!

On top of that he is also starting to pull up standing. Please note the drool all over Mo in this process - but seriously BIG BOY!

Speaking of pulling up, I just so happened to have my camera the first time he pulled himself up in his crib. Blurry picture but it captures both his sense of joy and accomplishment! Seriously though, he's too tall - there's only one more level down we can take this crib!

We also had a couple of first time events - riding in a grocery cart at Wegmans and having lunch in a high chair out to eat with my Mom! He thought he was pretty cool.

And as always, the monthly photo shoot! It was a lot harder this time as he was more interested in crawling off of the futon than being my model - but we did get a few good ones.

My 8 month ham-bone...

Very interested in the camera

OK Mom, I'm ready to go!

Both captivated and seriously studying my hand and fingers doing 1-2-3-4-5....
you'll notice that he starts to stiffen a hand to mimic mine.

We're working on mama and dada at the moment. When he cries he does this "ma ma ma" thing but it doesn't seem legitimate. And man...he loves his daddy :)

Mo made them matching bracelets - too cute!

Finally, a little Mama love.

I'll be back soon :)